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Vindication At Last!

I’ve been called a fool more than once.  I’m okay with that for the most part.  My beliefs have often been called naive and unsophisticated (yes, I DO believe in ghosts, so deal with it).  At last, though, I’ve been vindicated in at least one of those wild and childish beliefs!  Science itself has proven me to be correct when I’ve asserted that Trust begets Trustworthiness!  You read right: through complex and thorough scientific procedures and testing, it has been proven that the level of oxytocin found in our blood “creates bonds of trust not just in our intimate relationships but also in our business dealings, in politics and in society at large.”  Furthermore, to trigger this bond of trust, “all you have to do is give someone a sign of trust.  When one person extends himself to another in a trusting way –by, say, giving money–the person being trusted experiences a surge in oxytocin that makes her less likely to hold back and less likely to cheat.”  You can read more about this miraculous discovery in the Wall Street Journal, if you want, but trust me!  I’ve always known that this was true, and this is one belief I’m ecstatic to have validated.  And you don’t even have to give me money to get me to trust you (but it wouldn’t hurt)!

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