College for Appraisers

If you love vintage or antiques, consider attending the College for Appraisers. I did, and I loved it. The instructors are friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. I don’t work as an appraiser (at least not right now), but I learned so much about the kinds of things I find while running my estate sale business, things like glass, furniture, pottery, etc. The college has classes you can attend in Whittier, CA, where the instructor brings in lots of examples of the items being discussed. They also have a home study program for those who live too far to attend the classes. The Glass Class is starting soon, so check it out. Visit their website at for more information. And no, this is NOT a paid advertisement. I just like to support an organization as good as this one.

Here’s what they say about themselves:

The College for Appraisers Certificate Programs are for everyone from professional appraisers, dealers and collectors to the incurably curious. Our career programs lead to AAS degrees for those seeking careers as professional appraisers and for those who seek to become more successful dealers, estate sellers, auctioneers, dealers and collectors. Our courses provide the specialized knowledge and hands-on practical experience you need to make that great leap from simply looking to truly knowing what you are seeing.

UPCOMING SEMINAR College For Appraisers! AUGUST 20, 2011 / Glass 1-day seminar…

Includes an overview of glass and cut glass history as well as specific ways to observe differences between pressed and cut glass – both old and new.

Date: SAT August 20, 2011 – Instructor: Tom Ahern

Make sure you don’t miss this wonderful seminar! Happy Friday!

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