Here We Go…

I’m a full-time, bona fide treasure hunter who searches through ordinary homes for extraordinary finds. I’m a estate liquidator by trade, which gives me unparalleled access to the private recesses of a great many dwellings. I go places that most people (especially the voyeuristic) only dream of going. And some of the places many only have nightmares about. I see the messes, the sacred, the heartbreaking, the absurd, and the mundane. I uncover the secrets and the secreted, the forgotten and the unknown, the useless and the valuable. Some finds anyone can locate. Other finds may take a trained eye to discover, maybe because the items are covered by years of dust and grime, maybe just because one man’s trash is another’s treasure. I find all of it, all those things you purposely left for your family, but also those things you never planned for others to find. Once you are gone, it all comes out in the open.

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Filed under June 2011

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